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What people are saying...

What people are saying...

About Goddess Rich Activation Codes:

There is something truly magical about this Goddess –Rich Activation Code that has skyrocketed my ability to not only generate wealth, but opened me to an ever-expanding capacity to receive previously inconceivable amounts of money.

 Julie W

San Francisco,CA

As an Entrepreneur I’ve never been able to save a dime, but after the first six weeks of doing this super-Goddess-charged mantra something shifted in my consciousness. Now I am saving 20% (sometimes more!) of everything I bring in and this is during the pandemic.

These Activation Codes have shifted so many of the unconscious patterns and beliefs that I didn’t realize were holding me back from achieving my full financial potential.

 Instead of going through each day in “survival mode”, on the verge of panicking over how I’m going to keep a roof over my head, I now enjoy a beautiful new mindset of infinite abundance and “enoughness” that frees up my energy to focus on our true reason for being in a body on this planet right now.

This Goddess activation has truly been key in helping me manifest the resources to be ALL of who I am.

J. S

Los Angeles, CA

About Financial Restoration Transmissions:

Bridget Engel’s
Financial Restoration Transmission has changed my life. When one has a relationship with money that is in complete disarray as I did, it feels impossible to heal it and take action from a new place that is, until I heard Bridget’s Invocation.

It has made what felt like impossible possible!
The interesting thing when I began work with her Invocations daily, it was never a “have to”, I was drawn to them.  
As I listen I say the words right along with the recording. It is nothing but empowering, healing and uplifting; it really feels like magic.  I can truly say that my relationship with money is healed and its only getting more and more elevated and grounded at the same time.

I continue to work with her invocations daily as part of my gratitude practice. I am and will always be forever grateful.

Thank you Bridget! May fortune always greet your days and nights!

Elaine Barton, CA

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